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spoon-business: Prop: Club Voting

{{ _N Heads Really ARE Better Than 1!_

Create a new rule, changing the @@@@@ below into "Clubs" if Prop. Five-Eight-Three passes, and into "Groups defined in Rule Five-Seven-Eight, also known as Clubs," if Prop. Five-Eight-Three doesn't pass:

{{ _Club Props_

@@@@@ can submit props. to the game ballot just as Players can.  If a Club-made prop. passes, the members of the Club each get the same dim. changes as a Player would, times (1/(number of Players in the Club)), rounded up.  All members of a Club auto-vote "yes" on any prop. the Club submits.

When checking a prop. against Rule Four-Four-Zero, the lowest ent. dim. of all the Club members is used.

Props. that a Club submits count as (1/(number of Players in the Club)) props. against each Member's bandwidth limit.

For it to submit props, a Club must meet these standards:

1.) The number of Players in the Club must be less than half the number of Players in the game.

2.) The rules that say how a Club decides to submit a prop. are public rules.

3.) Each Player in the Club must have (1/(number of Players in the Club)) free in eir bandwidth limit for each Club prop made.