Glotmorf on 12 Apr 2002 11:23:54 -0000

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Re: spoon-business: Ballot, nweek 12

>Proposal 536/0: Stop the World! I Wanna Get Off! (Wonko)

>Proposal 537/0: Bowling for Nomics! (The Voice)
Yes.  Rated 8.

>Proposal 538/1: Mass Production (Wonko)
I too wish the SHELVED option was available.  This proposal would be a lot more meaningful if there was actually a way to get a Gnome Wet.


>Proposal 539/1: Enter the Gnome (Wonko)
Yes. Rated 9.

>Proposal 540/0: See the world, they said (Wonko)

>Proposal 541/1: The New Yeti (Wonko)

>Proposal 542/0: Football Fixes (thylith thith time) (Bean)
All things considered, I'd rather see the tackled person displaced instead of the tackling person.


>Proposal 543/1: Mommy, I want off! (Bean)

>Proposal 544/0: Sorry, no ERA this time. (Congenital Optimist)
Yes.  But just remember, that's MY purse.

>Proposal 552/1: Omnibus Proposal (The Administrator)
No, for various reasons:

3.) I like them for their "idiot light" value.  But I suppose I don't NEED them...

4.) Then there needs to be a mechanism for dealing with players who go On Leave and never return.

6.) Thought Aleister was a wizard or warlock or something...?

>Proposal 553/0: Societies (Wild Card)

>Proposal 554/1: Where No Player Has Gone Before (Glotmorf)
Yes.  Rated 15.

>Proposal 555/0: Repeal Rule 207 (The Voice)
Not quite yet.  And this isn't a haiku -- "rule two ze-ro sev-en" is six syllables.

>Proposal 556/1: Gremlin Placers (The Voice)
No.  This is a CFJ issue, not a proposal issue.  Mr. A should have placed those gremlins either in Limbo or on the grid when they came into existence. (Though have we in fact determined that they came into existence?)

>Proposal 557/0: Proosal? (The Voice)
Yes, if only because of the Token of Proposals.  Canning both is an interesting idea.

>Proposal 558/2: Immunity Idol, v2.5 (The Voice)

>Proposal 559/0: The Upper House (Wild Card)
Abstain. The "If there aren't enough members, then all players are members" bothers me.

>Proposal 560/0: Fish-flavored Izing (Glotmorf)

>Proposal 561/0: The Other End of the Entropy Axis (Glotmorf)
Yes. Rated 15.

>Proposal 562/1: Can we talk about this later, honey? (Bean)

>Proposal 563/0: And It's Not 42 (Glotmorf)
Yes.  Rated 8. (It seemed a lot funnier at 3 am...)

>Proposal 564/0: Weather Gnomes (The Voice)

>Proposal 565/0: What do a Gibbet and a Clothesline Have in Common?
>		(Glotmorf)