Wonko on 11 Apr 2002 02:54:07 -0000

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spoon-business: Operating independantly of the Ballot once again...

I should wait for the ballot to come out... but it hasn't yet and I'm bored.
So once again, I'm going to attempt to figure it out by myself...

Proposal 536/0
Stop the World! I Wanna Get Off!
Author: Wonko 

Proposal 537/0
Bowling for Nomics!
Author: The Voice
Yes. I rate it a 9.

Proposal 538/1
Mass Production
Author: Wonko
Yes. I rate it a 15. Of course. (Actually, does my rating count towards my
own proposal?)

Proposal 539/1
Enter the Gnome
Author: Wonko
Yes. I rate it a 15. Again, of course, but I'm not sure I count.

Proposal 540/0
See the world, they said
Author: Wonko

Proposal 541/1
The New Yeti
Author: Wonko
Yes. This should be much less work for the admin.

Proposal 542/0
Football Fixes (thylith thith time)
Author: Bean

Proposal 543/1
Mommy, I want off!
Author: Bean
No. There are still bugs, like the fact that a Football player with the ball
could zap off the Grid, return next nweek, and get 20 points for free.

Proposal 544/0
Sorry, no ERA this time.
Author: Congenital Optimist

Proposal 552/1
Omnibus Proposal
Author: The Administrator
No. Sorry, but I like the Yeti.

Proposal 553/0
Author: Wild Card

Proposal 554/1
Where No Player Has Gone Before
Author: Glotmorf

Proposal 555/0
Repeal Rule 207
Author: The Voice

Proposal 556/1
Gremlin Placers
Author: The Voice

Proposal 557/0
Author: The Voice

Proposal 558/2
Immunity Idol, v2.5
Author: The Voice

Proposal 559/0
The Upper House
Author: Wild Card

Proposal 560/0
Fish-flavored Izing
Author: Glotmorf
No. It's a good idea, but the way it's currently phrased A) the lifespan of
the 'Babelized' attribute gets renewed whenever ANY player gets the Sushi,
and B) even if it didn't, in 6 nweeks everyone could get the sushi once
(12*4=48), and whoever had it last would be stuck with it for 12 extra days,
after which there would be only one possible player to give it to. I wish we
had SHELVING right now, though.

Proposal 561/0
The Other End of the Entropy Axis
Author: Glotmorf
Alright, I'll give it a Yes. But I rate it a measly 5. I don't like
gratuitous beating up of me.

Proposal 562/1
Can we talk about this later, honey?
Author: Bean
Yes. *Good thing* *REALLY good thing*

Proposal 563/0
And It's Not 42
Author: Glotmorf
No. The rule makes no sense.

Proposal 564/0
Weather Gnomes
Author: The Voice
SHELVE. It could use a bit of a fix. If 562 passes, then this works fine. If
not, then I Abstain.

Proposal 565/0
What do a Gibbet and a Clothesline Have in Common?
Author: Glotmorf

I think that's about it.

BTW, r0's gone all weird again... Now it looks like Nomilogue #5... I
wonder, does the database have trouble numbering something 0?


No one ever says "It's only a game" when their team is winning.