Eric Gerlach on 10 Apr 2002 23:55:08 -0000

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spoon-business: The propothal I mithed

I'm thorry... next time I'll remember to potht thith to buthineth the firtht time... *thigh*


To be propothed at the beginning of nday 8 (after the ballot ith ithued), or now, whichever ith later:

__The Ministers of the Realm__


There exist titles defining Ministers of the form "Minister of X", where X is a unique designator. These titles are known as Ministries [[ This is a good enough defn for now ]]. A Ministry may only be assigned to a player as expicitly allowed by the rules. Only one player may hold any given Ministry at any given time, and a player may only hold one Ministry at any given time.

Any proposal that would create a rule that defines a Ministry must also create rules that define the Powers and Responsabilities of that Ministry. These rules may all be conincident.

The Powers of a Ministry is a list of actions. A player that holds a Ministry may perform any of the actions in the Powers of their Ministry as if e were the Administrator.

The Responsabilities of a Ministry is a list of actions that a Minister must perform.

The Administrator may perform all the duties of any Minister if e so chooses. The Administrator may also hold Titles which are also Ministries. This rule supercedes Rule 263 in this regard.

__Ministerial Elections__

If at any time no player (or The Administrator) holds a Ministry, an Election is called for that Ministry. The Election consists of two phases: a Nomination phase immediately followed by a Voting Phase, each of which are 5 ndays long. The Nomination phase of the Election begins at the first beginning of an nday after the Ministry is not held by any Player or The Administrator.

During the Nomination phase, a player may nominate another player or emself for the Ministry by declaring so in a public forum. After a player has been nominated, a player may second the nomination by declaring so in a public forum. If a nomination is seconded, the player nominated becomes a Candidate for the Ministry. The Administrator is always a Candidate for every Election.

At the end of the Nomination phase, the Administrator shall issue a List of Candidates for the Election containing all the names of the Candidates for the Ministry.

During the Voting phase, players may cast one vote for one name on the List of Candidates for the Election by doing so in a public forum. [[ Public voting only for Ministers ]] The Administrator may also vote for one name of the List of Candidates, however there is no limit to the number of votes The Administrator may make.

At the end of the voting phase, the player (or The Administrator) whose name recieved the most votes is awarded the Ministry for one nyear, at which point it is revoked. If there is an equal number of votes for one or more names, The Administrator must cast another vote to break the tie, at which point the Ministry is awarded as above.

__Ministerial Non-Confidence__

If a Minister who is not On Leave fails to perform one of the Responsabilities of eir Ministry within two ndays of the first opportunity that Minister had to perform the action, a player may call for a Vote of Non-Confidence in that Ministry by indicating e is doing so in a public forum.

A Vote of Non-Confidence is a proposal. If a Vote of Non-Confidence passes, the Minister in question is stripped of eir Ministry. [[ Thus an Election will be called. ]]

Give half of the points gained by Bean for the passage of this proposal to Wild Card.

[[  Some Notes:

Ministries won't be able to be created in a vacuum. We're going to have to consult the Admin on each one... here's a case where that veto may come in handy. However, if we all co-operate a bit, and pick good responsabilities for the Ministers (Dave, you wanna suggest some... heck... propose some?), this will make our beloved Admin's life that much easier :)

Yes, I know Votes of Non-Confidence count for points and charm... but don't you think they should? :)