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spoon-business: CFJ 533 -- making it official

CFJ 533:
The rules defining The Golden-Armed Gremlin, Guido, and Copper do not exist, and the rule defining The Five-Star General Gremlin does not exist if The Five-Star General Gremlin directly affects players.

My ruling: FALSE

The rules cited by Wonko in CFJ533 do in fact exist, since they were created by proposals that were voted in by the players. However, since those rules have no declared chutzpah, and are in direct conflict with a rule that has a chutzpah of 2, they have no effect. Therefore, the gremlins they claim exist do not actually exist. Though, since that is not the subject of Wonko's statement, that will ether require an Administrator ruling or a new CFJ.

This could have been prevented (and can now be fixed) by a self-repealing element of the rules in question that states that the Immunity Idol rule contains such-and-such a provision.

I have said.