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spoon-business: Gender fixes

__Sorry, no ERA this time.__

[[In response to a very valid comment of the Style Police regarding gender
of non-player game entities.  As far as the sexism charge goes, all I have
to say is: if you want gender-based exemptions for the boys and the drones,
make 'em up yourself.  ;) ]]


Revise the first two paragraphs of 295/1 to read as follows:

Players and other game entities have an attribute named Gender. For a
player, the Gender attribute is not necessarily the same as the player's
biological gender. 

The Gender attribute may be one of the following: M, F, Drone, or
Undeclared. By default, all players and other game entities are Undeclared.
A player may select or change eir gender by declaring it in a post to a
public forum.  The gender of game entities may be specified or altered by

Append to paragraph 2 of 356/0:

Their gender is Female.


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