Eric Gerlach on 4 Apr 2002 03:42:30 -0000

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Re: spoon-business: Offithial acthionth

At 08:20 PM 2002-04-03 -0500, you wrote:
At the beginning of the nweek following that latht ballot I jutht thubmitted, I'll give the thcarf to Bean.

Why thank you, Glotmorf!  Oh, thith ith tho wonderful!

I gueth that *thombeody* recognitheth that goth ith thtill in thtyle. I mean, ith not exactly my thyle, but I'm exploring my inner thelf in order to find those, other, exprethive parth of my inner being. I gueth that goth ith thomewhere in there.

Thinth I have the pink thcarf now, I thought I'd like to thare thomething I found the other day. Ith about a pink thcarf.

Ith maybe only themi-thtylith, but ith good for a laugh, ethpethially if you read the archiveth.


I gueth that my Football fixeth are gone again. Well thuch ith the way that thingth go. I mean, I'm not going to looth any beauty thleep over it. Glotmorf, I think that you made that Football regorganithation propothal on purpose jutht to make me feed that *horrible* appetite of the PIG. Oh, I'm jutht teathing.

Well, another week, another Football fix propothal.  At leatht now we can path.

__Football Fixes (thylith thith time)__
Revise rule 394 in the folllowing manner:

- Replace the text: "The player making the tackle immediately moves to the same location as the player being tackled." with the text "The player making the tackle immediately moves to a random, vacant location adjacent to the player being tackled (within one unit, measured by Cartesian metric). If no such location exists, the tackling player is immediately placed into Limbo."

- Replace the text: "After removing eir name from a player roster" with the text "After eir name is removed from a player roster"

And I gueth I thould fix the problem with getting off the Grid too:
__Mommy, I want off!__

Add the following text to the end of paragraph 8 (the one about entering the grid): "A Player may leave the Grid by announcing on a public Forum eir intention to do so."

Okay!  Good night everybody!