Wonko on 3 Apr 2002 03:29:45 -0000

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spoon-business: Admin Delays

Might it make things easier for everyone if we just gave Cap'n Admin the
power to stop ntime at will? Like, he issues a Delay order, and then at the
end of the nday, the Clock goes down for a time which Cap'n A specifies

Like, hey, how about this? (to be recognized at the beginning of the next

__Stop the World! I Wanna Get Off!__

The Admin may, at any time while the Clock is On, issue a Writ of Delay.
With each Writ of Delay, the Admin must delcare how many ndays long the
Delay is. One second before the end of an nday, if the Admin has issued a
Writ of Delay, the Clock is turned Off, and does not turn on until the Watch
reads the same number of ndays as the Writ which turned the Clock off. If
multiple Writs are issued during the same nday, only the last one issued


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