Jonathan David Amery on 31 Mar 2002 16:10:41 -0000

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Re: spoon-business: The Daily Recognizer, Part 1 (Sunday Morning)

 I Call for Judgement on the following quote (text of CFJ is below -
> Since Bean is playing Football, e is ineligible to be the co-Color
> Commentator.

 I also make a proposal:

__You can't have Footballing co-Color Commentators__

 `And here in the box with me is Bean, member of Team Turquoise.  How
does it feel to be playing football Bean?'

 `Very good, although it takes forever to run across the pitch, and
the tackles are a bummer.  But, Wild Card, how can I be here and on
the pitch playing at the same time?'

 `Well, you see...
  Rule 436 says that `At the beginning of each nweek, the
  Administrator will choose at random a player who is not playing
  Football to be the Color Commentator for the nweek.' and that 
  `The Color Commentator may also, at eir discretion, select a second
  player to be co-Color Commentator, in which case both players hold
  the title for the duration of the nweek. '

  However, it does not say that the co-Color Commentator has not to be
  playing Football.  Therefore Wild Card successfully selected Bean to
  be the co-Color Commentator.

 `But that's silly!'

 `Indeed, therefore I propose that:

 In rule 436, to the first paragraph, at the end, add the text {{The
Title "Color Commentator" may not be given to any player who is
playing Football.}}.

 In rule 436, replace the words {{a player who is not playing
Football}} with the words {{an elegible player}}.

[[.  Do you think that that will solve the problem?' ]]