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spoon-business: The Daily Recognizer, Part 1 (Sunday Morning)

I'll do as much of this as I can before I leave for work in about a

"If At First You Don't Succeed, Skydiving Is Not For You" is 524/0.
BvS claims a free Can of Beer.

Wonko gives the Sushi to The Voice, then restores eir proosals to the
non-Sushi'd version (517/2), (505/4).

"The Curse of the Cinquain" is 525/0.

The Gremlins-that-might-not-be CFJ is 526, assigned to Wild Card.

"proosal" is 527/0.

These are the Voyages of the DimShip Benomicant" is 528/0.

Since Bean is playing Football, e is ineligible to be the co-Color

BvS' Grid movement is queued.
The Voice's Run is queued.

"Apathy Clause" is revised to "Death, Taxes..." (504/1).

"The Curse of the Cinquain" is revised (525/1).

Glotmorf can't leave the Grid, and the rest of eir actions (re-entering
the Grid, joining a Football Team, and then Tackling) all seemed to be
predicated on the ability to do the first (illegal) thing, so for now I'm
not acknowledging any of the other requests.

"Hey, Don't Let Me Stop You" is 529/0.
"Rearranging the Football Furniture" is 530/0.

The very succinct "Repeal rule 150." is 531/0.

Wild Card drinks eir free glass of Champagne (staggering one square on the
Grid to (4,19), and scoring 2 Style Points in the process).

531 is renovated to "Back from Exile" (531/1).

That's all for this half-hour. I'll get to everything else this evening,
Goddess willing.


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