Eric Gerlach on 30 Mar 2002 23:42:41 -0000

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spoon-business: And Bean's proposal goes *crunch*

Well, the bad news is that Glotmorf's reorg of Football crushes the tele-tackle fix. The good news is that I have one more proposal this week, and I can fix the loophole int he roster rules that Glotmorf just pointed out. (Note that the Voter Colonel was proposed last nweek)

__Fixing Football (reprise)__

Revise rule 394 in the folllowing manner:

- Replace the text: "The player making the tackle immediately moves to the same location as the player being tackled." with the text "The player making the tackle immediately moves to a random, vacant location adjacent to the player being tackled (within one unit, measured by Cartesian metric). If no such location exists, the tackling player is immediately placed into Limbo."

- Replace the text: "After removing eir name from a player roster" with the text "After eir name is removed from a player roster"

Revise proposal 511 to read:
__Vote yes on this, it's a no-op__

All points gained by this proposal's proponent for it's passage are given to the Gremlin Fund.

Bean's charm decreases by one.