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spoon-business: The Daily Recognizer (Friday morning)


Yeah, it looks as though p518 should be Sushified at some point (assuming
it's Wonko's). (I'm operating under the assumption that Wonko will, as
soon as it's legal, get rid of the Sushi and re-submit legible revisions
of everything. May I suggest one of the inactive/on-leave players -- I'm
pretty sure they're legal recipients of the Sushi, and it'll make life so
much easier for everyone else.)

"And yet you are possessed." is 519/0 and contains very confusing logic.
If I may ask, how is Rule 10 pointless? (Yeah, the last sentence is
debatable -- and I wrote the damn thing. But how do you get there for the
rest of the rule? If game entities aren't obliged to actually follow the
damn rules, we might as well be playing Calvinball.)

Good thing that whole "in order" thing is still part of the rules --
apparently, I'd accidently handed out #515 twice.

So, this time around, "Exclusive doors." is 520/0 and 520/1.

"Making crazy sounds." is 521/0.
Uncle Psychosis drinks a complimentary glass of champagne (gaining 4 Style
points but no BAC, oddly). E can't stagger around on the Grid, seeing as
how e's in Limbo, so e merely looks rather silly. (Hey, I didn't write
that one... it's in the rule. honest.)

Oh $DEITY, not again... "A Santa that will never come." is 522/0.

"And his merry men, too!" is 523/0.

I cannot legally recognize The Voice's CFJ, as it names more than one
defendant, which the rules do not permit.


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