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spoon-business: The Bandit Gremlin--A nice, tasty, PIG alternative.

{{ __And his merry men, too!__

Create a new rule entitled __The Bandit Gremlin__ with the following -0-delimited text:

There exists a Gremlin known as the Bandit Gremlin, also known as Robin. At the end of each nweek, Robin chooses a random proposal which passed which was on the ballot for that nweek. Robin then takes all points which were given to the proponent of that proposal due to it's passing from em and gives them to the Gremlin Fund. If Robin's random choice is invalid for any reason, e makes another random selection. If Robin is unable to choose a passing proposal for any reason, e goes into Hiding for one nweek.

Amend rule 293 by adding the following -00- delimited text immediately following item number 8 on the list in that rule:

9)May NOT have any of eir proposals chosen by Robin.


As the subject suggests, this is a nice way to have the random chaos caused by the PIG, but without the widespread destruction.

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