Alex Truelsen on 22 Mar 2002 23:18:50 -0000

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spoon-business: CFJ447 and my votes

I just realized that I sent my votes to the wrong place. Frip. Okay, I vote "Yes" on all proposals. There we go.

CFJ 447/0
CFJ by Scoff!
Assigned Judge: Uncle Psychosis (misbehaved)
Reassigned Judge: Baron von Skippy

Statement: The Token Of Proposals was not awarded to The Voice. It was awarded to Scoff!

Rationale: As the Administrator pointed out, declarations of Respect are not Proposals for the purpose of scoring. Ergo, there's an established custom in the rules that declarations of respect shouldn't earn the author a reward.

Judgement: TRUE

Analysis: What Scoff! said, for one. Also, if we let votes for respect count as votes towards the Token of Proposals, then we'd have respect cropping up all over the place, as people try to grab yes votes. And that would get annoying, fast.


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