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spoon-business: The 5-Star General Gremlin

{{__That's Gremlin, SIR, to you, Soldier!__

Create a new rule entitled __The 5-Star General Gremlin__ with the following -0- delimited text:

There exists a gremlin known as the 5-Star General Gremlin, also known as Sir. Any player may give Sir 5 points to have Sir Order another Gremlin Around. If Sir Orders a Gremlin Around, that Gremlin automatically makes 3 moves along the path which would take em to the player who gave Sir 5 points with the fewest moves. If a majority of Gremlins are in Hiding, or if Sir has Ordered another Gremlin Around 3 times since he was last in Hiding, e goes into Hiding for 1 nweek.


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