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spoon-business: New Rule: Subsections again

As for subsections...

{{ _Append to Paragraph 47... or was that 48?_

Create a rule:

{{ _Subsections_

Rules can be organized into subsections for the sake of ease of reference and modification. Primary subsections are identified by capital letters A through Z; secondary subsections are identified by numbers. A nested subsection is referenced by stringing the layers of subsections together with periods ("."), e.g. A.1.15.3 is the third subsection of the fifteenth subsection of the first subsection of the primary subsection A.

Subsection identifiers within a given nesting level must be unique and in order, either alphabetically at the top level or numerically at a lower level; however, it is not required that they be an unbroken sequence within a level.

A subsection can contain any amount of text related to the rule, including multiple paragraphs, but should be in the form of complete sentences.

Subsections may also have individual text names.