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spoon-business: Proposal - Gremlins

__The Gremlin Fund__

Append to rule 256 the following $$$$ delimited text:
There exists an entity called the Gremlin Fund. Whenever a Gremlin is given
points, those points are immediately given to the Gremlin Fund. If a Gremlin
loses points, those points are taken from the Gremlin Fund. The Gremlin Fund
may never have fewer than 0 points.

Players may give points to the Gremlin Fund in the same manner as giving
points to other players.

Remove the last section of rule 296.

In the last sentence of rule 296, replace the first occurrence of the words
"Scoring Gremlin" with "Gremlin Fund".

After the word 'points' in the second sentence of rule 297, add the text "to
the Gremlin Fund".

In rule 345, remove the last four words of the first section.
In rule 345, replace the second occurrence and the third to last occurrence
of the word "Luigi" with "Gremlin Fund". Replace the last occurence of the
word "his" with "The Gremlin Fund's".

After the word 'points' in the second sentence of rule 347, add the text "to
the Gremlin Fund".

In rule 400, replace the word 'drops' with 'buys' and 'onto' with 'on'.

This gives all Gremlins a single fund that they all work out of. Cursing,
Bribing, etc. gives 'em more points; they lose points bcs of the Scoring
Gremlin, buying Rocks, etc.


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