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spoon-business: The Daily Recognizer (Saturday afternoon)

I'd written a lovely interpretation of Uncle Psychosis' various "3 points"
actions, but since it's CFJd now, the whole thing is moot. CFJ 444,
assigned to Congenital Optimist.

"You're STILL a Blowhard!" is 445/0.

The Yoyo Gremlin is deleted from the Roster (thanks for pointing that one
out, Voice).

"Ohh, one of those "funky" windows..." is 446/0.

Scoff!'s "Token of Proposals" CFJ is 447, assigned to Uncle Psychosis.

Wonko's "Respect doesn't pay" is 448/0.

"A little Wiggle room" is 449/0.

The Voice's "Token vs Idol" CFJ is 450. Wonko, you'll have to randonly
select a player to Judge this, as I'm the Defendant.

"A Chilly Prospect" is 451/0.
"Burn, baby, Burn!" is 452/0.
"Anthologies" is 453/0 (rectified: I'm assuming Anthologis is a typo, and
I'm adding the "Create:" verbiage.)

Wonko spends 8 points to Fly Elbonian towards the center square
(occupied by Whoopi Goldberg, I think). Anyway, e lands at (13,14).

Baron von Skippy's move is queued. (BvS: X is horizontal - left/right,
east/west, whatever. Y is the other one. Grid coords are (X,Y).)

"Earth" is 454/0.

"Like a fridge." is 455/0 and revised to 455/1.

Naath joins the game. Welcome!

Rob is penalized for selfishly keeping the Scarf: 5 Style points, 2 Score
points. The Scarf ith Muffling.

Congenital Optimist undergoes a sex change operation.

Rob catches the Witch Gremlin, lobs it to the Baron, who ignites it and
then throws it to Antonio... er, since I hadn't yet recognized that, I'll
kindly allow em to rescind the action, and throw said torch at Wonko, who
then catches it and throws it to Bean.

Rule 259 is really and truly updated this time (I updated its revision
history, but forgot to update the rule itself. I suck.)

Wonko's Respect motion is 456.

Bean catches the Witch Gremlin, and thoughtfully chooses not to lob it


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