Rob Speer on 7 Mar 2002 21:23:02 -0000

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spoon-business: Thtyle and Gremball

[[Firtht of all, I've been forgetting entirely to lithp. Thith could be
rather weakly juthtified by thaying that when I don't realize I'm
thuppothed to lithp, my betht imitation of one is none at all. But thath
okay, because I've got the Thcarf for another week, and have lotht an
appropriate number of Pointh and Thtyle.]]

I catch the Witch Gremlin and throw it to Baron von Thkippy.
I move to (6, 5), and yeth, that wath pronounthed "thicth".

I'm thick of lithping. I declare that The Pink Thcarf ith Muffling.
Rob Thpeer