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spoon-business: re:CFJ

Rationale:  As the Administrator pointed out,
declarations of Respect are not Proposals for the
purpose of scoring.  Ergo, there's an established
custom in the rules that declarations of respect
shouldn't earn the author a reward.


Okay, so game custom says no rewards for respect
declarations. Game *Rules*, however, state that
declarations of respect count as proposals except for
the purposes of counting proposals, and that the Idol
goes to whoever recieves the most affirmative votes
period. Methinks the ruleset is a wee bit more
powerful than the game custom...

I would argue, however, that the Voice does not
recieve the Token as e had the Immunity Idol, and the
player with the idol
"5)May NOT recieve the Token of Proposals."

But in light of the first issue:
__Respect doesn't pay__

Replace the last three sentences of the second to last
paragraph of rule 395 with the following text:
Declarations of Respect are treated as if they were
proposed by the Scoring Gremlin.
That way, the proceeds go to charity.

Recruit today night it feels.

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