Jonathan Van Matre on 6 Mar 2002 14:33:00 -0000

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CFJ RE: spoon-business: nweek 8 results

Not that I've done an especially good job of using all my proposals in the past nweek anyway, but just to establish a precedent one way or another, I submit the following CFJ:

Statement:  The Token Of Proposals was not awarded to The Voice.  It was awarded to Scoff!

Rationale:  As the Administrator pointed out, declarations of Respect are not Proposals for the purpose of scoring.  Ergo, there's an established custom in the rules that declarations of respect shouldn't earn the author a reward.


> The Token of Proposals is awarded to The Voice (as the 
> Bandwidth Gremlin
> becomes Active).
> (This involves a potentially-controversial interpretation of 
> the rules:
> Motions for Respect don't count as normal Proposals for purposes of
> scoring, but they do acquire votes. The Voice is the one who proposed
> Rob's Declaration of Respect, and with it, eir proposals acquired 27
> affirmative votes. If you don't count that, then Scoff! 
> receives the Token
> with eir total of 22 votes.)