Donald Whytock on 3 Mar 2002 23:35:29 -0000

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Re: spoon-business: Ballot, nweek 8

>Proposal 387/0: Bean sucks, but Vows of Poverty don't (Bean)
No.  Since p379 didn't pass, this is now a do-nothing.

>Proposal 389/0: Let's Nip This In The Bud (Scoff!)
No.  Some people's signatures are generic, which means it's difficult to customize for B Nomic, and B Nomic shouldn't gratuitously limit freedom of expression.  Besides, if we ever get someone from the Vatican to join the game, e might not have any control over eir email signature. :)

>Proposal 390/0: You Can't Have Football Without Color Commentary (Scoff!)

>Proposal 391/0: Fix The Haiku Bonus (Scoff!)

>Proposal 392/0: Same As It Never Was (Rob)
Yes.  Just because.

>Proposal 409/0: I Have Found The Solution! (Baron von Skippy)
No.  It needs better wording: As it's written now, it will rewrite r259 to say, "For the purposes of the rules, and for all other purposes within the game, the term "proposal" shall be considered precisely equivalent to the far superior term "proposal"."  If "proposal" is precisely equivalent to "proposal", yet "proposal" is far superior to "proposal", this is a paradox.

Nice try, though.

>Proposal 410/0: Another Way to Remove a Splinter (Baron von Skippy)
Yes.  Hell, I'll even believe you were saying "niner".

>Proposal 411/1: The Gremlin Factory (Dan)
Yes, if p418 passes.  Otherwise, with no predator, they'll overpopulate.

>Proposal 412/2: Bribes for the Gremlin Game (Dan)
No.  Letting players essentially buy votes for their own proposals is a good way for a player to snowball to a win.

>Proposal 413/0: Someday We'll All Look Back On This and Laugh Nervously

>Proposal 414/0: A Journey of a Thousand Words (Glotmorf)

>Proposal 415/1: Hiding Really Means Hiding! (The Administrator)

>Proposal 416/0: Do Gremlins Go To Heaven? (Glotmorf)

>Proposal 417/1: Watch Your Step! (Glotmorf)

>Proposal 418/1: Them's Good Eatin' (Glotmorf)

>Proposal 419/0: There Was A Young Siren From Nantucket... (Scoff!)
No.  Even if I favored disallowing sirens to be destroyed, this proposal creates an ambiguity, since it leaves a rock-sitting siren without a rock.

>Proposal 420/0: Second Law of Thermodynamics (The Voice)
Yes.  Though it needs work.  At the rate things happen around here, it'll trigger in 9-10 nweeks (which admittedly is a near-inconceivable time for me at Nomic pace), but that should be enough time to work out the bugs.

>Proposal 421/0: No, YOU'RE A Blowhard! (The Voice)
No.  There's nothing that says how the Wind is determined.

>Proposal 422/0: Mommy, my Idol's broken! (The Voice)

>Proposal 423/0: Inaugural Declaraion of Respect (The Voice)

>Proposal 424/0: They're everwhere too! (Wonko)
Yes.  Bean Gnome sounds better than Bean Gremlin anyway.

>Proposal 425/0: Football fixes (Bean)

>Proposal 426/0: Only running is boring (Bean)
No.  I'd like to see some Elbonian-style randomness in those forward passes.

>Proposal 427/0: Only running is boring II: Bean Boots Back (Bean)

>Proposal 428/0: Nomic Revival (Rob)
No.  We can always call an Emergency, and this gives the Administrator too much power.