Rob Speer on 3 Mar 2002 16:51:46 -0000

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spoon-business: Putting votes on the list now.

First of all, if my previous votes have been counted, I change my vote
on 412/2 to YES.

NO > Proposal 387/0: Bean sucks, but Vows of Poverty don't (Bean)
[[ I didn't like the idea of the Scoring Gremlin having limited money in
the first place, so I'd rather not have it become a significant part of
the game. ]]

 NO > Proposal 389/0: Let's Nip This In The Bud (Scoff!)
YES > Proposal 390/0: You Can't Have Football Without Color Commentary (Scoff!)
YES > Proposal 391/0: Fix The Haiku Bonus (Scoff!)
YES > Proposal 392/0: Same As It Never Was (Rob)
YES > Proposal 409/0: I Have Found The Solution! (Baron von Skippy)
YES only if 409 fails, NO otherwise > Proposal 410/0: Another Way to Remove a
                                      Splinter (Baron von Skippy)
ABSTAIN > Proposal 411/1: The Gremlin Factory (Dan)
YES > Proposal 412/2: Bribes for the Gremlin Game (Dan)

YES > Proposal 413/0: Someday We'll All Look Back On This and Laugh Nervously (Rob)
[[ Until this passes, be sure to scrutinize every statement Dave makes,
so that two weeks from then we don't have to pretend the game never made
any sense. ]]

YES > Proposal 414/0: A Journey of a Thousand Words (Glotmorf)
[[ After all that effort, I can't vote against it. ]]

YES > Proposal 415/1: Hiding Really Means Hiding! (The Administrator)
 NO > Proposal 416/0: Do Gremlins Go To Heaven? (Glotmorf)
[[ It doesn't work. The gremlin defining rules state with certainty that
'There exists a Gremlin named...', so anything which makes such a
Gremlin not exist would conflict. ]]

YES > Proposal 417/1: Watch Your Step! (Glotmorf)
 NO > Proposal 418/1: Them's Good Eatin' (Glotmorf)
 NO > Proposal 419/0: There Was A Young Siren From Nantucket... (Scoff!)
[[ They need a rock to sit on... ]]

YES > Proposal 420/0: Second Law of Thermodynamics (The Voice)
[[ I didn't like this at first, but now I find it strangely appealing.

 NO > Proposal 421/0: No, YOU'RE A Blowhard! (The Voice)
YES > Proposal 422/0: Mommy, my Idol's broken! (The Voice)
YES > Proposal 423/0: Inaugural Declaraion of Respect (The Voice)
 NO > Proposal 424/0: They're everwhere too! (Wonko)
YES > Proposal 425/0: Football fixes (Bean)
YES > Proposal 426/0: Only running is boring (Bean)
YES > Proposal 427/0: Only running is boring II: Bean Boots Back (Bean)
YES > Proposal 428/0: Nomic Revival (Rob)
[[ Paradoxes aren't the only thing which kill a Nomic. If it takes too
long to get a proposal through, people will give up. This rule will
automatically discourage things like Quorum on A Nomic. ]]

Rob Speer