Donald Whytock on 2 Mar 2002 05:34:17 -0000

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spoon-business: One more sausage to cram into the can...

{{ _Izing on the Cake_

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{{ _Izings_

Each object in the game that can be owned by a Player has an appropriate Izing attribute that is assigned to the Player upon ownership.  Once a Player has acquired the Izing for an object, upon losing ownership of that object, e cannot again own the object until the Izing has been removed from em.  If all Players have a particular Izing, that Izing is removed from all Players.

Izings for existing objects are as follows:

The Token of Proposals: Tokenized

The Immunity Idol: Idolized

The Pink Cashmere Scarf of Impeccable Style: Stylized

The Cursed Sushi of Babel: Babelized

[[ Sushi-ized just didn't do it for me.]]