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Re: spoon-business: Game Actions

At 04:31 PM 2002-02-27 -0500, you wrote:
Here I come, Bean.

Koi.  I'm ready for ya. :)

However, on the off chance that things don't look so good next nweek... better be able to pass and punt...


__Football fixes__

Revise rule 394 as follows:

- Add the following paragraph after the 6th paragraph:
"A Drive, when referring to Football, is defined as the period of time between when one of the players on a team is first in posession of the football and the soonest point at which a player on that team is not in possession of the football. [[ This def'n may have to change, but it'll work for now ]] The Line of Scrimmage of a Drive is defined as the locations on The Grid which have the same x-coordinate that the Football did at the beginning of the Drive."

- Add the following paragraph after the 2nd paragraph:
"When calculating any distance with regard to the game of Football the Euclidean metric is always used, except when calculating a Player's distance to eir end-zone. The distance from a Player to eir end-zone is the absolute value of the difference between eir x-coordinate, and the x-coordinate of eir end-zone."

- Remove the text "(measured by Euclidean distance)" and "(again measured by Euclidean distance)"

- Add the following sentence to the end of the paragraph that mentions Elbonian Airways: "Players may not use Curt and Rod to move as specified in rule 402."


__Only running is boring__

Create the following rule:
__Pass! I'm open!__

If no player on eir team has already done so in the current nweek, the Player in posession of the Football may choose to Pass the Football. To make a Pass, a player announces eir intention to do so in a public forum, and indicates a Player who is playing football to recieve the Pass. If the indicated Player is able to recieve the Pass according to the rules, the Football is immediately placed in the posession of the recieving Player. There are two types of Passes: Forward Passes and Lateral Passes.

A Pass is a Forward Pass if and only if the recieving Player is closer to eir end-zone (measured using the x-coordinate) than the passing Player. The recieving Player for a Forward Pass must be within 7 units of the Player making the Pass. A Player may only make a Forward Pass if e is no closer to eir end-zone than the Line of Scrimmage for the current Drive.

All Passes which are not Forward passes are Lateral Passes. The recieving Player of a Lateral Pass must be within 4 units of the Player making the Pass.



__Only running is boring II:  Bean Boots Back__

Create a rule:

__Third and long... *boot*!__

Any time before the 8th day of the nweek, the Player in possession of the Football may Punt the Football. E does so by declaring eir intention to do so in a public forum, along with a target location on The Grid at which they are trying to Punt the Football. The target location of the football must be more than 4 units away from any Player on eir team. [[You can't punt at your own players]] The target location must also be within 10 units of the player punting the Football.

When the Football is punted, it ceases to be in the possession of any Player, and removes itself from The Grid. As soon as possible, The Administrator must calculate the actual landing location of the Football and announce it in a public forum. E does this by rolling 1d6 for each of the x- and y- coordinate, and modifing it by the following table:

1: -1, roll again
2: -1
3-4: 0
5: +1
6: +1, roll again

"roll again" implies the Administrator should add the result, then roll 1d6 and add that result, and so on (i.e. the die rolls are cumulative).

At the end of the nweek, after all Players playing football have moved, the Football lands. [[*whump*]] If a player is at the landing location of the Football announced by the Administrator, and e is not on the same team as the player who punted the Football, e may catch it, at which point it is in eir posession. Otherwise, the Football places itself on The Grid at the announced landing location. [[So the football is made of lead... maybe we'll make it bounce a bit later]]

No player on the same team as the player who punted the Football may pickup the Football up until after the end of the nweek after the Football was punted or until a Player who is not on eir team picks up the Football, whichever comes first. [[Basically, after the Football lands, Players on the punting team can't touch it for a nweek. This stops it from just being a longer pass]]


Well, here's some more ways to have fun in Football! Currently, there's no way to intercept a pass or block a punt or anything like that, you just have to tackle the reciever. Perhaps interceptions will come next nweek... now, if only someone else would join Team Turquoise so I could pass it to 'em :)

Oh, by the way I object to the Administrator's statement that the gamestate is "Blue" and I think that if we all look carefully, we'll find it isn't. Woo, disaster averted by consensus.