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spoon-business: Judgemnet on CFJ 369

CFJ 369 (Judge: Congenital Optimist)
CFJ by The Voice

> STATEMENT: Glotmorf did not succeed at giving Scoff! a Kick in 
> the Ass for having a title which is not on the LON, as she was 
> acting within her capacity as the female Style Police by 
> calling herself Miss Emma Stanton Scoff of Hadleydale Manor. 
> I name Glotmorf as defendant. 

Ruling: True.

Analysis: While it is arguable that "Miss" is not a title on the 
LON, I believe that "Miss Emma Stanton Scoff" is simply a name, 
and "of Hadleydale Manor" a location.  Neither, in that case, is 
a title.  The Kick in the Ass did not succeed.

-Congenital Optimist

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