Karin L. Kross on 13 Feb 2002 15:08:32 -0000

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spoon-business: Judgment on CFJ 388

CFJ 388 (Judge: Congenital Optimist)
CFJ by Uncle Psychosis

> Statement: Uncle Psychosis got 10 points for submitting proosal 
> 376. 
> Defendant: Glotmorf 
> Rule 357 states: 
> Players submiting
> Proposals in haiku form
> Earn 10 extra points
> A player who submits a proposal in haiku form earns 10 Score 
> points if the proposal is adopted, in addition to any points 
> received as a normal consequence of the adoption of a 
> proposal." 
> To me, that reads as 10 points for submitting it, and another 
> 10 if it passes. 

Ruling: FALSE

Analysis: Cloudy though the wording of the original rule may be, 
it seems fairly clear to me that the intention was to use the 
haiku as an introduction, and the prose paragraph as a full 
explanation.  The prose paragraph seems clear to me: "earns 10 
Score points _if the proposal is adopted_" (emphasis mine). 

-Congenital Optimist