David E. Smith on 13 Feb 2002 05:14:56 -0000

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spoon-business: The end of nweek 7: non-vote-counting-stuff

First, responses to stuff on the ballot:

On 362:

> Yes, but needs rectification - 'confroming' should be 'conforming'
> (happens twice), and I think Bean meant to say 'If Proposal 343
> *failed*', 'cause the way it's written now the rule only gives people
> Respect if there's no such thing.

The first change is legal and obvious, and so rectified. The second
change, changes the meaning of the proosal substantially, so I don't think
I can legally do that.

On 381:
> But rectify - there's no closing delimiter, and 'freezing' probably
> ought to be '0 C', 'cause pretty much any temperature is 'freezing' if
> you're freezing the right stuff under the right conditions.

Again, the first change is okay, the second change isn't. Since I'm
responsible for the weather, though, I don't anticipate any problems. (I
don't know about you, but the weather in MY area tends to be based on an
oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere, and precipitation is almost universally water
in one form or another.)

Rob throws the Witch Gremlin at UIN and buys a Pinball Gun. Eir move is
queued. UIN catches the Witch Gremlin. (UIN, are you still in Limbo?
That's where I've got you right now...)

"Bean sucks, but Vows of Poverty don't" is 387/0.

CFJ 388, assigned to Congenital Optimist, is UIN's haiku CFJ.

The PIG gets thrown around by (at least): Dan, Scoff!, and The Voice. Last
count I've got as of this point in my mailbox, The Voice threw it at Iain.
Iain caught it and threw it back at The Voice, who caught it and threw to
Antonio. (This is one of the things that the downtime will bring - a Grid
system that I don't have to update everything quite so manually.)

Assuming my maths are correct all around, the presence or absence of Baron
von Skippy's votes do not affect the outcome of any proposal on this
ballot. So, I choose to count them.

Points are not the same thing as negative points, so for the time being
(i.e. until someone CFJs me for it) I'm disallowing Wonko's negative-point
transfers. (I'll disregard for now the argument that sentences like "I
transfer -10 points from me myself Turgul." read more like sushi-bait than
any attempt at a game action.)

Scoff! burns the rest of this nweek's proosals: "Let's Nip This In The
Bud" is 389/0. "You Can't Have Football Without Color Commentary" is
390/0. "Fix The Haiku Bonus" is 391/0.

Rob's "Same As It Never Was" is 392/0.

That's everything that came in before the Clock was turned Off.

(One of the later messages will probably state something along the lines
of "these won't be officially recognized for a week but they're already in
the database and here's the numbers they'll have when they're officially
recognized". Hope nobody's too offended by that.)

On to vote counting. Yay.