Alex Truelsen on 13 Feb 2002 03:39:12 -0000

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spoon-business: I it will be able to present a rule inside this game?

The ma which it sees, I am contributing,!

__I Have Found the Solution!__

Create a new rule which reads:

__You say Proosal, I say Proposal__

At the time of this rule's passing, all instances of the word "proosal" in the current ruleset shall be replaced with the word "proposal." Should a rule with the word "proosal" in it be proposed, all instances of the word "proosal" shall be changed to "proposal," except in rule 259. [[That fixes the problem without causing semantic nightmares, which I'm good at making...]]

At the time of this rule's passing, "proposing a rule with the word "proosal" in it, unless that proposal is an amendment" shall be added to the LOGAS.

__Another Way to Remove a Splinter__

Create a rule which reads:


Rule 2 5 9
It gives me a big headache
It shall be repealed

[[I didn't want to affix this to the other one. It's more than one rule change, and I didn't want the whole defeated because people don't agree with one part. Oh, "2 5 9" is three syllables, and refers to two hundred fifty nine, for those of you who might argue that point.]]


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