Jonathan Van Matre on 11 Feb 2002 18:01:59 -0000

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spoon-business: Scoff!'s votes

YES > Proposal 339/2: The All-Important Default Case (Rob)
YES > Proposal 342/2: Are you ready for some football! (Bean)

I never really liked the treasure-hunting aspect of the grid.  This seems like a fun alternative.

NO > Proposal 343/0: Just a little bit... (Bean)

Respect doesn't actually *do* anything useful yet, nor does it do anything fun, as far as I can see.

NO > Proposal 359/2: Run, Run, As Fast As You Can! (Wonko)

I think the Grid is too small for this much movement.  Also, there's no exclusion against these things being used in Football, which I think would make the game less interesting.

NO > Proposal 360/2: Let's Get Ready To GREMBALL!!!!! (Wonko)

I like the Magnets.  In general, though, things are getting quite busy enough on the Grid.

YES > Proposal 361/0: Broadening Horizons (Wonko)
NO > Proposal 362/1: Poetry In Motion (Bean)

I was rather torn by this one.  I like limericks, but I don't see the point of cinquains.  Also, the awarding of respect for poetic proposals dilutes the concept of respect as something given by the players to recognize or disparage another player.  Considering that is pretty much *all* that respect does right now, I'm not sure why this proposal would want to make a player's Respect score less meaningful.

NO > Proposal 363/0: You can only throw so far... (Wonko)

Rob's Space proposal is a more elegant solution to the distance metrics issue, and the other aspect of this proposal isn't all that urgent.

YES > Proposal 364/1: Not to be Confused with Sylvester Stallone (Glotmorf)
NO > Proposal 365/0: Get AWAY From That! (Glotmorf)
NO > Proposal 366/0: My Recipe for Siren Pate (Glotmorf)

I'd vote yes if it specified that a player in a Siren's ZOE or ZATR may not purchase a Big Rock and specify the location in such a way as to kill the Siren controlling the player.  As is, this proposal provides a cheap, easy escape from Sirens.  That might be called for when we've seen them in action long enough to be bored with the way they currently work, but we haven't even seen one yet.

YES > Proposal 367/1: The Pause that Refreshes (Glotmorf)
YES > Proposal 368/0: A Whole New Ball of Wax (Congenital Optimist)

However, it doesn't specify just *how* it protects a player from the Sirens, so I'm not sure that will work.  And one per nweek is a *lot* of wax balls.  I'm interested enough to see how it works out, though.

NO > Proposal 370/1: Windows aren't all bad! (The Voice)

We already have a move-far provision with Elbonian Airways.  Also, what happens to Curt or Rod when a player loses possession?

NO > Proposal 371/0: Judgement/Proposal overhaul (Dan)

We already have this.  It's called a proposal.

NO > Proposal 372/1: This Ruleset isn't big enough for the both of us! (Dan)
YES > Proposal 373/0: Fixing my own mistakes (Scoff!)
YES > Proposal 374/0: Judicial Rear View (Scoff!)
YES > Proposal 375/1: Still a Few Bugs in the System (Wonko)

377 will have almost exactly the same effect, with a lot less text, but has been woefully misunderstood for 2 nweeks now, so I'm throwing my weight behind the one that will pass, too.

NO > Proposal 376/0: Kill this man. (Uncle Psychosis)
YES > Proposal 377/1: So damn ugly. (Uncle Psychosis)

It will probably fail again, but it really is a remarkably succinct little chocolate truffle of a proposal.  Accomplishes the vast majority of 375 and 367 combined, with a minimum of verbiage.

NO > Proposal 379/0: Vow of Poverty (Bean)
NO > Proposal 380/0: And We Can Make Little Outfits For Them Too! 
YES > Proposal 381/0: Weather (The Voice)
NO > Proposal 382/0: The Yoyo Gremlin (The Voice)
NO > Proposal 383/0: Tilt (The Voice)
YES > Proposal 384/0: Ahh... (The Voice)

Some of us seem to be laboring under the misconception that this applies every nweek.  Read closely--it's a one-time breather.  The rule is self-repealing, and even if it weren't, the modifications it makes are version-specific, so they will only work once.

YES > Proposal 385/0: The Final Frontier (Rob)
YES > Proposal 386/0: Water, Water Everywhere (Congenital Optimist)