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spoon-business: The Daily Recognizer (Monday evening)

Wonko's "Run, Run, As Fast As You Can!" is 359/0.
"Let's Get Ready To GREMBALL!!!!!" is 360/0.
"Broadening Horizons" is 361/0.

Wonko did, in fact, move to (15,9) and I'd forgotten to update The Grid to
reflect that. That action counts against last week's move quota, not this
week's. Whee!

All Gremlins are currently airborne - the Bandwidth Gremlin is en route to
Scoff! at (16,13); the PIG is enroute to Dan (in Limbo); the Witch Gremlin
is enroute to Rob at (4,2); the Scoring Gremlin is en route to Uncle
Psychosis (in Limbo).

The Yeti gets lobbed onto The Grid at (15,7). (This action is deemed to
have occurred during the first day of the nweek; The Yeti will move later
on in this post.)

342 is revised (342/1). If I accidentally left something out of the
original, I apologize.

Bean's "Let at least slow GremBall down..." is 362/0.

"Run, Run, As Fast As You Can" is revised (359/1).

"You can only throw so far..." is 363/0.

"Let's Get Ready To GREMBALL!!!!!" is revised (360/1).

"Not to be Confused with Sylvester Stallone" is 364/0.

"Get AWAY From That!" is 365/0.

Dan (in Limbo) catches the PIG.

Dan has ruled on CFJ 340. Twisty, ain't it?

Once again, I'm disregarding Uncle Psychosis' blatantly illegal actions,
until CFJd otherwise.

The Pink Scarf is given to Scoff!.

"My Recipe for Siren Pate" is 366/0.

Antonio has ruled on CFJ 322.

Antonio's "Game State Reigns Supreme" is rectified (add standard "Create a
new rule:" verbiage) and recognized (367/0).

I have to move the Yeti around a lot - the Grid web page will reflect eir
movements. (Since the definition of Movement includes diagonal moves,
this'll be fun.) Here's where e moved:

14,5 (moved through a Frozen square)


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