Donald Whytock on 4 Feb 2002 04:46:02 -0000

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spoon-business: new proposal, and it ain't pretty

{{ _Get AWAY From That!_

Create a new rule:

{{ _The Bean Gremlin_

There exists a Gremlin called The Bean Gremlin, also known as Beano.  Beano is Active whenever it is on the Grid or in the possession of a Player on the Grid; otherwise, Beano is Inactive.

At the end of an nweek, if Beano is Active, each Player on the Grid who is in a location adjacent to the location Beano is in or possessed in will, if possible, retreat one Grid location directly away from Beano's location.  The Player in the same Grid location as Beano will remain at that location.

Retreating Players will retreat into Grid locations they could normally move to without Bouncing, as defined by the Grid Objects rule; if such a move would result in Bouncing, the Player will instead not retreat.  Retreating will take priority over the effects of Sirens, the Yeti, or other objects or conditions on the Grid that restrict or compel movement.



Why?  Aside from the juvenile entertainment value, and the idea of messing with things like Sirens and the like, I'm looking forward to beaning Bean with Beano. "What if I don't want to play" indeed.