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spoon-business: Another revision

I issue this proposal:
__You can only throw so far...__

Amend the rule created by proposal 330 to replace the sentence 'A Player in
a grid location can throw a Gremlin at another grid location, at a Player in
another grid location, into Limbo or at a Player in Limbo.' with 'A Player
in a grid location can throw a Gremlin at another grid location or at a
Player in another grid location, assuming the target is within 7 units of
the thrower, or into Limbo or at a Player in Limbo.'

Append to rule 301 the sentence 'The distance between two squares is the
square root of (the difference in x-values of the squares squared plus the
difference in y-values of the squares squared)'

I amend my proposal entitled "Let's Get Ready To GREMBALL!!!!"
__Let's Get Ready To GREMBALL!!!!__

__Hungry Hungry Hippos__

There exist four Passable SOs, called Hungry Hungry Hippos, or Hippos. There
is one at (1,10), one at (11,1), one at (20,11) and one at (10,20). Whenever
a MO occupies a square which is occupied by a Hippo, the Hippo Eats that MO.
When a MO is Eaten by a Hippo, it is teleported to a random vacant square in
the Relocation Zone. The Relocation Zone consists of all squares whose x and
y coordinates are both greater than 5 and less than 15.

__The Game__

There exists a list called the Gremball Roster, or just the Roster. Any
player may put emself on the Roster by declaring so in a Public Forum, in
which case e shall be added to the Roster at the end of that nweek. There
exist two groups of players, called Teams, known as the Red Team and the
Yellow Team. No player on the Roster can be on more than 1 Team. At the
beginning of each nweek, each player on the Roster shall be randomly
assigned to a Team, in such a way so that neither Team outnumbers the other
by more than 1 player.

If a player who is holding a Gremlin is Eaten by a Hippo, e and all players
on eir team gain 2 points, and e loses possession of that Gremlin before
being teleported by the Hippo.


There exist objects called Magnets. All players have magnets. If a player
with a Magnet is within 3 squares of a player who holds a Gremlin, the
player with a Magnet may Seize the other player's Gremlin, in which case the
Gremlin moves to the location and into the possession of the Seizing player.

Utinam logica falsa tuam philosophiam totam suffodiant!