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spoon-business: CFJs

CFJ 280 (Judge: Wonko)
CFJ by Uncle Psychosis

Statement: Uncle Psychosis's did not succeed in giving gritter 3 points.

Rule 152 states "Changes to the state of the game may only be made via a
Proposal or via an Action which is permitted by the Rules.". Rule 213 states
"The player who has the Cursed Sushi of Babel may not post any message to a
public Forum (such as the "spoon-business" list) without first taking these
steps:", followed by a number of steps. I did not follow these steps in the
message by which I attempted to transfer those points, and therefore rule
152 prevented them from being transferred.

Judgement: TRUE

Analysis: See Uin's logic above.

CFJ 341 (Judge: Wonko)
CFJ by Baron von Skippy

Statement: Uncle Psychosis has Denied the Undeniable Sushi and should be
given 4 more ndays with said Sushi and be fined 35 points.

Analysis: According to Rule 213/2, the player with the Sushi /must/
translate and retranslate eir messages, either Eng-Korean-Eng,
Eng-German-French-Eng, or through Pig Latin. Uncle Psychosis did none of
these in 7 recent messages, despite my action of giving em the Sushi being
publicly recognized. Each breach carries a one-day penalty (no more than 4
total) and a 5-point fine.

Judgment: FALSE

Analysis: The Sushi Rule forbids people to post un-screwed messages to
Public Forums. It says nothing about private Forums. In a message on Dec. 5,
the admin wrote:
(Joel agreed to let me use spoon-business as the public forum.)
The use of the word 'the' implies that spoon-business is not merely 'a'
public forum but the only public forum. Since the admin has taken no action
since then designating other forums as Public, I must conclude that messages
to spoon-discuss are immune to Sushi. However, I would reccommend that
people vote for my proposal to declare all forums private unless otherwise
designated, so that future Judges don't have to look back through hundreds
of records to find an answer.

About my previous proposals: Sorry, I thought the nweek ended yesterday.
I'll resubmit all of those tommorrow.

In vita priore ego imperator Romanus fui.