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spoon-business: Do Your Civic Duty -- Jury Duty!

There's a big stack of open CFJs, and a couple of 'em have timed out or
otherwise need to be reassigned. So, here goes:

Even though it's arguably a moot point, as one of the players involved
isn't even a player any longer, CFJ 280 is reassigned to Wonko.  (Since
Joerg, the former Judge, isn't playing any longer, I can't really dock em
ten points or add em to the LMJ.)

CFJ 318 is reassigned to Uncle Psychosis.

Here's my list of open CFJs and due dates:

CFJ 280 (assigned to Wonko, due by 9 Feb)
CFJ 318 (assigned to Uncle Psychosis, due by 9 Feb)
CFJ 322 (assigned to Antonio, due by 5 Feb)
CFJ 324 (assigned to Baron, due by 6 Feb)
CFJ 325 (assigned to Scoff!, due by 6 Feb)
CFJ 338 (assigned to Congenital Optimist, due by 7 Feb)
CFJ 340 (assigned to Dan, due by 9 Feb)
CFJ 341 (assigned to Wonko, due by 9 Feb)


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