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spoon-business: The Daily Recognizer (Friday evening)

Wow, the fun never ends! Here goes the most recent fifty messages from my

If Bean left, e rejoins the game.
Bean's "Nobody resigned" CFJ is 340, assigned to Dan.
Bean has Judged CFJ 321. Yay.

Big Rocks don't yet exist, so I'm going to hold off on dropping 399 of 'em
on The Grid. (I'm also going to wait until some of the other ugliness is
sorted out.) (Later: Ooh, someone removed 'em all anyway. And the Bob's
Clones. Good. I really didn't want to be sitting at the keyboard for like
three hours adding "Bob's Clone. Big Rock." to every cell in the Grid.)

If e left, The Voice rejoins.

This is where it gets all twisty, in a "Secret Wars" kinda way...

For the time being, I'm going to call "the thread where everyone resigned"
as Nomic Alpha, "the thread where I beat that down" as Nomic Beta, and
"the thread where Scoff! rescinded eir actions" as Nomic Delta.

In Nomic Alpha, The Voice has judged Bean's above CFJ (340) to be TRUE,
(since e was, in fact, the only legal judge, I would have been forced to
assign that CFJ to em) and everyone has rejoined, since they never left.

In Nomic Beta, that CFJ is still assigned to Dan, even though since they
never left, the judgment is moot.

Nomic Delta is a bit more complicated - can e actually rescind that

Fortunately, if we allow for the brief conceit that e can, in fact,
rescind that action, all three threads twist back into one rather nicely.

And now we continue with the wonderful world of "threads where Rule 10
has/has not been repealed." :-)

The Baron's "UIN has Denied the Undeniable Sushi" CFJ is 341, assigned to

The Voice's "Precedents, Schmrecedents" is not recognized - it's still
nweek 6, and you're out of proposals.

Glotmorf paints Scoff! blue; Scoff! promptly cleans emself off.

Rob revises 339 (339/1) by giving it that obscenely long title.

The new version of "Are you ready for some football!" is 342/0.
"Just a little bit..." is 343/0.

Here's how I'm dealing with Wonko's latest set of actions:
* Fine. Throw all the Gremlins on the Grid. For the time being, though,
since Big Rocks, Sirens, and the attribute 'Burned' don't yet exist, those
actions aren't happening.
* My logic: As of right now, the proposals that create the above are
likely to pass, and these meaningless, unregulated actions could be
confused with the true game state (after those terms acquire a specific
* Your move will be recognized at the end of the nweek.
* Should the above proposals fail, yeah, I'll drop those things on the
Grid for you. (Please remind me if I forget.) Since they won't mean
anything, well, no harm, no foul.

(Aside: What if someone drops a Big Rock on a location that contains a
Shiny or Scary? Does the Rock score 25 points and teleport randomly?)

Wonko's proposals are not recognized - you're out of 'em for this nweek.
Try again in a couple days.

Baron von Skippy declares a Gender and enters The Grid.

If you haven't voted, please do your civic duty and VOTE. Voting is in
progress for about a day (it closes at the end of 2 Feb, Nomic Standard
Time - 6 PM central, 4 PM pacific, you know this speech by now.)


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