Jeff Schroeder on 26 Jun 2001 01:51:20 -0000

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RE: spoon-business: some rfjs recognized

Wait a minute, didn't The Kid make RFJ 47?
I want a RFJ on the following statement, "The judgement on RFJ 47 is invalid because the selection of The Kid as Judge violated Rule 236/1."

Rule 236/1 states:
"The following are excluded from serving as Judges on a Request for Judgment:

     1. the Plaintiff
     2. Judges previously recused from the Request
     3. any one Player that the Plantiff requests be recused from the Request

If these exclusions leave no Players eligible to serve as Judge, exclusions may be waived from highest-numbered to lowest until at least one Player becomes eligible."

The Kid made the Request for Judgement on May 10, 2001, and since there is more than one Player in the game, he can never be selected as Judge. Not every eligible Player was selected, in addition, the previously recused Judges must be selected again to judge before he can be considered.

At 04:31 AM 6/25/2001, you wrote:
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Antonio [mailto:zagarna@xxxxxxxxx]

> >47/0: As the Rules cannot be scrutinised to determine the legality of
> >PurpleBob's win by Pooker the win should be postponed until
> such a time that the
> >Rules can be scrutinised, and the deadline on making RFJ's
> should be similarly
> >extended.
> >     assigned to Aranor

> Aranor is recused from judgement on RFJ n°47
> RFJ n° 47 is assigned to The Kid

I rule TRUE.
I make the following Judicial Orders: PurbleBob's win may not be officially
recognised until all RFJs pertaining to his actions are completed. The
deadline for making RFJs on his win is set at one nweek from this judgement.

The Kid