Harrison, Andrew on 25 Jun 2001 08:31:07 -0000

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RE: spoon-business: some rfjs recognized

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> From: Antonio [mailto:zagarna@xxxxxxxxx]

> >47/0: As the Rules cannot be scrutinised to determine the legality of
> >PurpleBob's win by Pooker the win should be postponed until 
> such a time that the
> >Rules can be scrutinised, and the deadline on making RFJ's 
> should be similarly
> >extended.
> >	assigned to Aranor

> Aranor is recused from judgement on RFJ n°47
> RFJ n° 47 is assigned to The Kid

I rule TRUE.
I make the following Judicial Orders: PurbleBob's win may not be officially
recognised until all RFJs pertaining to his actions are completed. The
deadline for making RFJs on his win is set at one nweek from this judgement.

The Kid