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spoon-business: Proposal to remove the debt system

Here's the proposal, see also my comments in the discussion forum:

\title{Remove the debt system}

Amend rule 317 (The Bank) by changing its text to:

"The bank is an Agent, but not an eligible voter. It is the
resposibility of the Bank to manage the distribution of points.

When the rules specify that a Player is awarded a certain amount of
points, the bank shall transfer that amount of points from its
property to the Player; When the rules specify that a Player is fined
a certain amount of points, these points shall be transfered from the
Player to the Bank."

Amend rule 318 (The Banker) by changing its text to:

"The Office of the Banker is an elective office. It is the
responsibility of the Banker to take actions on behalf of the Bank and
to keep track of the number of points owned by each Player.

The Banker's report shall include a list of all point transfers that
happened in that nweek, the new scores of each Player, and the Bank's
property by the end of that nweek."

Amend rule 321 (The Officer of Bean Counting) by changing its text to:

"The Officer of Bean Counting (OBC) is an Elected Officer. The OBC
shall keep track of the number of objects owend by each Player, with
the exception of points, which are counted by the Banker."

Amend rule 324 (Office of the Tax Collector) by changing its text to:

"The Office of The Tax Collector is an Elective Office. The Tax
Collector is responsible for the Bank's income."

Amend rule 325 (Bankruptcy) by changing its text to:

"If ever the Bank's Score becomes negative, the Bank has become

Whenever the Bank is bankrupt, the Banker and Tax Collector are fined
20 Points each, with the excpetion that the Bankruptcy Fine may be
imposed no more than once per turn."

Repeal rule 351 (Automatic Debt Payment)
Repeal rule 358 (Motion for Payment)

Amend rule 121 (Score) by changing its text to:

"Associated with each agent is a scalar quantity known as eir
score. An agent's score is a representation of the number of point
objects or antipoint objects owned by em.

The score of an agent shall be a positive number if e owns points, and
a negative number if e owns antipoints."

Create a new rule entitled "Point transfer" with the following text:

"The owner of one or more points may transfer any or all points in eir
posession to another legal owner by posting to the public forum.

If a rule specifies that an agent needs to pay a certain amount of
points, or that an agent owes points, or the rule contains any other
provision with the same effect, and the coditions specified in those
rules are met, the point transfer shall happen automatically. An Agent
may not take actions that require em to transfer points if e does not
have enough points."

Create a new rule entitled "Antipoints" with the following text:

"Antipoints are objects. If an Agent is required to transfer an amount
of points greater than the number of points in eir posession, the
required number of points shall be created in eir posession and
transfered. Then, a number of antipoints equal to the number of points
created before shall be created in eir posession.

If an Agent owns both points and antipoints, one point and one
antipoint in eir posession shall be destroyed. This process shall be
repeated until the Agent owns either no more points or no more

Create a new rule entitled "Debt transition" with the following text:

"For each debt object, the banker shall perform the point transfer
required to satisfy the debt and the debt shall be destroyed. No
permission to perform the point transfer is required from the creditor
or the debtor.

As soon as all debts are destroyed, this rule and rule 347 (Debts are
Objects) shall be repealed automatically."