Rob Speer on 17 Apr 2001 17:43:59 -0000

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spoon-business: Another Pooker fix

[[ It turns out that I forgot to define any period of time for a Showdown, so
hypothetically one could continue indefinitely. I'll fix that now. ]]

[[ If, for some reason, Pooker doesn't pass, I will rescind this proposal. ]]

\title{Fix the Showdown}
Change the third paragraph of the rule entitled "Pooker: the Showdown" to:

"In the event of a Showdown, each Player can choose whether to show eir cards.
If e decides to show eir cards, e must post a message within three days to a
public forum, describing which PCards should be shown, and how they should be
arranged into Poker Hands. After three days have passed since the Showdown was
declared, a prize of a certain number of Points (as described below) goes to
the Player or Players with the highest total Score of Poker Hands, and all
PCards that were shown are returned to the Deck."

Rob Speer