David E. Smith on 7 Apr 2001 04:07:32 -0000

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spoon-business: Proposal: strike the "one-a-day" Go clause, and then some!

\title{More Go Moves, And A Bonus}

1. Strike the phrase "Each Go player may make no more than one Go move per
Game day, and may never place two Stones consecutively." from the second
paragraph of Rule 365/0, and insert the phrase "No Go player may place two
Stones consecutively." in its place.

[ This permits players to make multiple alliance proposals simultaneously,
but keeps the Stones limitation intact. ]

2. Create a new Rule entitled "Political Go: Winners" whose text reads as
follows: "The Winner of a Political Go Contest shall be awarded 10 points
from the Bank. The Winner may choose to share these points with eir
allies, at eir discretion, by publicly stating eir intention to do so."

[ A token prize, and a token gesture to fair play. ]