Joel Uckelman on 7 Apr 2001 00:12:25 -0000

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spoon-business: Ballot, nweek 19

The following Proposals are up for voting:

P455/0, Statute of Limitation, by Joerg
P456/1, Pooker, by PurpleBob
P458/0, The Dunce Cap, by Benjamin
P459/0, Separation of Card Packs, by PurpleBob
P460/0, point protection, by Poulenc
P461/1, Go moves improvement, by Joerg
P462/0, Accepting an alliance is a normal (counted) Go move, by Joerg
P463/0, Mediocrity fix fix, by PurpleBob
P464/0, Thug Time Limit, by PurpleBob