Benjamin Bradley on 24 Jan 2001 00:47:25 -0000

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spoon-business: prop: liconsing

should have thoguht of this a long time ago...

<proposal title="Licensing: Instances">
create a new rule with the title 'Licensing: Instances' with the following

Whenever an instance of an instantiable item is created, the creator of
the instance owes the licensing fee(s) to the owner(s) of the
rule(s) defining the instantiable item.

If no licensing fee is defined for an instantiable item, it is assumed to
be zero.

Definition: An instantiable item is something of which instances can be

[[The plurals are necessary for multiple inheritance, both linear and
If C is an instance of B and all B's are instances of A's, then the
creator of C owes fees to both the owners of (the rules defining) B and A.
Also, if C is an instance of both B and A, then C owes to B and A as

{{Note: Already-created instances are exempt, right? Rules can't have
retroactive effects, right? }}

<proposal title="licensing fee for C/RG's">
The licensing fee for Challenge/Response Games is 10 points.

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- whee life what a rush