Benjamin Bradley on 23 Jan 2001 00:25:20 -0000

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spoon-business: similarity challenge winner

The winner of this week's similarity challenge winner is Dan Waldron.
Thanks to Joel, Jeff and Dan for playing!

It feels like we should have some facility for publishing the responses -
Dan's was quite impressive, spanning almost a whole page!

The effects of the game (which I don't think have happened yet) are as
Joel, Dan, and Jeff each tronsfer two points to me (as the contestmaster)
and I then transfer three points back to Dan. Dan is the contestmaster for
the similarity game for the next week.

Thoughts for the first week of the similarity game:
Although Dan was by far the most thorough, he also submitted first,. If we
ever have a really easy challenge, then whoever checks their e-mail most
often will probably win, since there is no set time for the challenge to
be posted. 

- You have received mail from Quebec. my beard will eat your mustache.
- whee life what a rush