Josh on 17 Jan 2001 00:38:03 -0000

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Re: spoon-business: Ballot, nweek 11

Joel Uckelman sez:
>The following Proposals are up for voting:
>P363/1, Cleanup, Joel Uckelman
>P375/1, A Resolution for Point Amnesty, Joel Uckelman
>P376/0, C/RG-Contest fix, Benjamin
>P377/0, Tax Collector Fix, Poulenc
>P378/0, Similarity Game fix, Benjamin
>P379/0, Poetry Competition c/rg, M'cachessilnath
>P380/0, NomicHome, M'cachessilnath
>P381/0, Motions of no confidance, Poulenc
>P382/1, Parties, Poulenc
>P383/0, Extra Vote fix, Poulenc
>P384/0, Motions to Create or Destroy Points, Poulenc
>P385/1, Mediocrity, Poulenc
>P386/0, The Thug and Its Uses, Joel Uckelman
>P387/0, Randomness and Dice, Joel Uckelman
>P388/0, I Second That, Joel Uckelman
>P389/0, Foully voting AGAINST every single proposal on every ballot really 
>drives me up the wall you will know if youre the one im talking to i really 
>think something ought to be done about this blatant misuse of democratic 
>principles and this is a holy crusade t, Poulenc

I vote no on every proposal. That I am voting publicly serves as
observation that I have performed this horrible horrible act, and
thus if Poulenc's proposal P389 passes, I am the first person
to have observed so, and thus if I am to owe anyone twenty
points, it will be me owing them to myself.

It is forbidden to forbid, yo.


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