Dan Waldron on 16 Jan 2001 06:12:25 -0000

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spoon-business: Negative Voting

Sorry, this is not a legal Proposal, since its title exceeds the maximum 
length for names, as established in Rule 2/0. Keep it at 255 characters or 
less, please. :)


Drat, foiled again.  Okay I'll fix it.


The following is a new proposal.  The title of the proposal is the first
255 characters of "Foully voting AGAINST every single proposal on every
ballot really drives me up the wall you will know if youre the one im
talking to i really think something ought to be done about this blatant
misuse of democratic principles and this is a holy crusade to restore
truth and honor and justice and liberty to the world of nomic and anyone
who stands against shall have to suffer the wrath of uuuuh me So there

Enact a new rule, titled "Against negative voting" with text as follows:

If, on a ballot containing at least five proposals, an agent is found to
vote against at least three and for no proposals then that agent shall owe
a debt of 20 points to the first agent to point out eir breach of good
conduct within three nweeks of the offence.