Dan Waldron on 15 Jan 2001 02:52:34 -0000

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spoon-business: Proposal-Political Parties

[[When I set out to write this I wasn't sure it would work out.  Now that
I am done I find it is pleasnatly twisted.  Wasn't there a discussion
about this sort of thing on the nomic board a while ago?]]

The following is a new proposal entitled "Parties"

1. Enact a new rule entitled "Parties", text as follows:

A Party is a type of object consisting of a name, a serial number, a set
of rules, and a set of member agents.  Any agent may create a party at any
time by announcing eir intent to the Administrator who shall recognize eir
action and assign a serial number, the party creator must also determine
an initial set of rules and name for the new party. A newly created party
has no members, and a party which is found to have no members continuously
for a period of one nweek ceases to exist.

2. Enact a new rule entitled "Party Membership", text as follows:

The requirements for membership of a party shall be defined by the rules
of that party.  No agent may become a member of a party without eir

The members of a Party must abide by the rules of that Party, with the
proviso that no agent may be required to abide by a set of rules of which
e has been uninformed.  The rules of this game take precedence over the
rules of all Parties, but they do not exempt the members of a party from a
punishment for failing to comply with the rules of that party.

3. Party Privacy

The rules and membership list shall be maintained by the members of that
party.  They must be available to all members of that party, but are not
required to be available to non-members; all members must be apprised of
any change in the rules or party membership.  If the otherwise privately
kept rules or membership of a party is the subjct of a CFJ, and the judge
of that CFJ is not a member of that party, then they shall be made
available to em, but e shall not further distribute them without consent
from a member of the party.