Joel Uckelman on 12 Jan 2001 04:20:38 -0000

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Re: spoon-business: Banker's Nweekly Report (revised)

In response to the Banker's Report, I offer the following Proposal, 
entitled "A Resolution for Point Amnesty", with the following text:

Whereas, the Failed Proposal Fine and Adopted Proposal and Opposed Minority 
Awards in effect during voting for nweek 10 were set several nweeks prior, 

Whereas, these were set in order to discourage further activity only until 
the Adminstrator was able to catch up with eir duties, and

Whereas, the Administrator is now mostly caught up, and

Whereas, the Failed Proposal Fine and Opposed Minority Award are 
exorbitantly high, and the Adopted Proposal Award shamefully low given 
now-normal conditions, and

Whereas, everyone forgot that these were still in effect, and

Whereas, the Bank itself was not well looked-after during this period, nor 
were the duties of the Banker discharged in a timely fashion, and

Whereas, the first version of the Banker's Nweekly Report for this nweek 
seems a more equitable solution, and

Whereas, it would be too much work to properly rectify the situation, 

Therefore, be it resolved that:

1. Scores and the Bank's holdings are to be calculated based on the 
Banker's first (erroneous) Report, not the second.

2. Debts incurred by the Bank in the form of Salaries prior to Nweek 10 are 
hereby forgiven, and the Officers and former Officers are no longer owed 

3. Fines incurred by Officers due to bankruptcy of the Bank, the point 
transfers for which have yet to made, are hereby forgiven.

Be it further resolved that the Banker should consider altering the Failed 
Proposal Fine and Adopted Proposal and Opposed Minority Awards sometime 
during the current nweek.