Joel Uckelman on 31 Dec 2000 01:05:15 -0000

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spoon-business: voting results, nweek 9

So, we didn't make quorum, since only three of us cast votes:

P364/0 held (2-1-0-9)
P365/1 held (1-2-0-9)
P366/0 held (3-0-0-9)
P367/0 held (1-2-0-9)
P368/0 held (2-1-0-9)
P369/0 held (1-2-0-9)
P370/0 held (2-1-0-9)
P371/1 held (2-1-0-9)

For the first time ever, complete voting results are available on the page 
on the same day as the end of voting (so go look how everyone voted!). :)

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