Benjamin Bradley on 30 Dec 2000 09:34:28 -0000

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spoon-business: prop: challenge/response game / similarity

suggestions for changes...?

<proposal title="challenge/response games">
{{Enact a new rule entitled "Challenge/response games" with the following

Each instance of a Challenge/Response Game (C/RG) is governed by this set
of rules and when it is defined, must include the following
attributes: game name, admin title, period of duration, repetitive or not
(if yes, how often), and entry fee. It should also describe the limits and
guidelines for the challenge(s) and methods by which to judge the
correctness of the answers, and either specify the (first) Admin or
describe how to determine who the (first) Admin is.
Statements in the rule(s) defining the instance of the C/RG take
preference over this rule.

The Administrator of the C/RG (Admin) should post the/a Challenge to a
public forum (once in each period of duration if the game is
repetitive). The other Players may, if they choose, submit to the Admin an
answer (response) to the challenge. Answers must be submitted privately
via a time-stampable medium (e.g. e-mail) within the period of duration
after the challenge was posted. Each player  may submit up to one complete
answer. Partial or incomplete answers (as determined by the Admin) are not
considered submissions. For each answer submitted, (entry fee)*2 points
shall be transferred from each submitting player to  the Admin. After the
period of duration after posting the challenge, the Admin will judge the
answers e received and select a winner. This judgement should be made in a
reasonable amount of time [[like 2 days at most]].
If more than one answer is judged (most) correct, the answer submitted
earliest will be selected the winner. 
Half the total of the entry fees shall be transferred to the winner of the
challenge [[the Admin keeps the other half]].
If the C/RG is repetitive, the winner of the challenge shall be the Admin
for the following challenge.

If less than 2 answers are submitted, the game is considered finished with
no winner. All points taken from players as entry fees for the game are
returned to their original owners. If it is a repetitive game, then the
Admin does not change and play proceeds as normal for the next challenge.

[[The changing paid Admin is not only an extra incentive for people to
want to win, but also for the Admin to create a challenge to which a lot
of people will respond.]]

If the Admin fails to change after two consectutive periods of duration, a
Secondary Unilateral Motion may me made naming a new (different) Admin for
the game which will pass after 2 days if no objections are voiced in
public fora.


<proposal title="Similarity game">
{{If the proposal entitled "challenge/response games" doesn't pass/hasn't
passed, then discount the remainder of this proposal:}}
{{Enact a new rule entitled "Three of these things belong together" with
the following text:}}

The Similarity Game

The Similarity Game is an instance of a challenge/response game with the
following attributes:
game name: 	The Similarity Game
admin title: 	Similarity Officer
duration: 	until repealed
repetitive: 	yes, nweekly
entry fee:	2

Once every nweek, the Similarity Officer (S.O.) should post a Challenge to
a public forum.

Limits and guidelines:
The Challenge will take the following form:
The S.O. will describe a list of items. The answer should be an attribute
which is shared between all the items.

More specific attributes are 'more correct' than general attributes
[[e.g. 'round' is better than 'same shape']] and multiple attributes are
'more correct' than single attributes [[e.g. 'striped and round' is better
than 'striped' or 'round' individually]].

first Admin:
The first Admin of the game is Benjamin.

Three of these things belong together
Three of these things are kind of the same
Can you guess which one of these doesn't belong here?
Now it's time to play our game! 


- You have received mail from Quebec. my beard will eat your mustache.
- whee life what a rush